About Us

Colorful and attractive packaging adds life and allure to the product and enhances its appeal to consumers. Manufacturers want their products to stand out and attract consumers. When a colorful design is created, it must be transferred to the packaging in the best way.

Sree Designs was established to fulfill a felt need for quality branding, advertising and packaging needs. Promoted by art directors with two decades experience. Over the years, its fame has grown for its professional approach, quality and reliability in the market. Sree Designs serves clients from diverse industries like food, oils, pesticides, cosmetics, seeds, confectionery and other Flexible Packaging needs.

The company believes that excellence can be created only through a passionate involvement in the process and a desire to deliver the best quality creative services to the client. Sree Designs has the capacity to produce wide range of designs to match customer needs. It works round the clock to ensure that delivery deadlines are met in time.