Sree Designs have Hi-Tech Infrastructure & Updated Technology for Designing and Offset Printing to ensure quality Outputs. A high-level of redundancy (multiple machines that can carry out each operation) and minimum dependance on outsourcing makes us a reliable partner. Sree Designs has all facilities in-house from Designing, PREPRESS, PRESS, PRINTING, FINISHING, BINDING, CONVERSION to proofing and quality control. Quality control begins right from selection of inputs to final inspection stage.

Sree Designs operations are customer driven and streamlined for generating high productivity and efficiency. The office of Sree Designs coordinates all the operations using top end software for controlling all aspects of the company operations where there is no room for errors.

Our infrastructure comprises transportation facilities to dispatch the packaged products. We have also tied up with many logistic & transportation companies. We do have a delivery support team that takes care of complete delivery process in coordinating with both the Customer as well as Company. Sree Designs operates from its own five storey premises in IDA Uppal, Hyderabad. Hyderabad.